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Buying guide of hemp jute rugs for your home


Natural fibre carpets are gaining popularity and trend nowadays. Cotton Rugs Manufacturer India will disclose a list of the fibres, including jute rugs, Sisal carpets, cotton carpets, bamboo carpets, made-to-order hemp carpets, etc., which will add a unique elegance to the home. Hemp Jute rugs are made from jute fibres extracted from the jute plant. These fibres are spun into coarse threads to create custom jute fabrics and rugs.


Some reasons to buy jute rugs for your home:


The Beauty of nature:


When buying jute rugs, you are inviting your room to have an organic touch. The neutral colour of the jute rug will go well with the grey area. And you can also choose different patterns along with various shades, no matter what design or colour you choose. It will make the floor look classy and stylish.




Jute carpets have more potential due to their excellent tensile strength, which makes them last longer compared to other mats. Hemp Jute rugs don’t suffer as much wears or tear. If you have children or pets that run around you, don’t need to worry those cheap jute rugs will get damaged.


Environmentally friendly:


The jute rugs are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Jute rugs are an excellent alternative to those rugs that would compromise the quality of the environment. You are making the right decision to express your love for nature. So you can choose the reliable Hemp Jute Rugs Exporters India in the market.


Low maintenance:


Different from other carpets, hemp Jute rugs require little maintenance and easy cleaning. A regular vacuum cleaner can remove most dirt. This strain is easy to clean with a mild detergent or water. But remember not to use too much moisture as it can damage the fibres.


Inexpensive jute rugs:


Jute carpets are cheap carpets among natural fibres, when you compare the quality of jute rugs with cheap wholesale natural jute rugs. Agra Rugs Weavers are one of the best rug suppliers and manufacturers in the market.


Things to remember when using jute rugs:


Hemp Jute rugs are reasonably priced and look natural. Suppose you put your jute rug in an area with a lot of traffic. It may last a few years before it becomes so damaged that you have no choice but to get rid of it. Hemp Jute carpets can also suffer from mould or mildew if you live in a rural or humid climate or if you place it in the bathroom or front porch. This natural fibre tends to shed, and the fibres may fall off when you move or clean them.


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