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Acoustic Enclosure for Diesel Generator

Find Best Acoustic Enclosure for Diesel Generator from Sharan Elecmech


If you want to get the top notch acoustic enclosure for diesel generator, then it is the right time for you to connect with Sharan Elecmech. They are largest manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. They can offer wide range of soundproof DG set canopies to their customers.

The company offer most advanced soundproof Acoustic Enclosure for Diesel Generator that meets all the quality criteria. Here residential use also considered while designing these soundproof enclosures or soundproof canopies. It can be customized based on the buyer requirements. Everything can be available at the affordable rate and delivered at your doorstep on time.

Find best acoustic enclosure:

Acoustic enclosure for diesel generatorand other equipment that soften more noise are best alternatives to reduce noise level. Sharan Elechmech has more expertise in offering acoustic enclosures for diesel generators. It is build from top quality materials and monitored by engineers with more years of experience. Based on the customer requirements, their acoustic enclosures are reassembled and disassembled as required.

Before beginning the work, the trained specialists specify, develop and completely analyze the product. To avoid overheat issues; all enclosures are made with various design parameters, allowing for essential airflow and maximum aspiration. Baffles, louvres and splitters can be well designed to assist reduce temperature and noise.

Impact of CNC punching work:

The CNC punching work offers the cost effective profiling solution.Sharan Elecmech consists of the best Murata (Japan) Punching Machine lower operating costs and rapid processing speeds can make CNC punching the cheaper profiling solution based on batch size and part complexity.

Along with that, the punching machine can effectively generate the simple formed features like louvres,dimples,knock-outs and logo indentations, hence avoiding the requirement for the additional operations.

These CNC punching machines can punch materials in sheet sizes up 2.5 metres x 1.25 metres and thickness up to 5mm. Then the materials punch profiled such as mild steel,stainless steel,brass,aluminium,plastics and copper. Using the computer assisted part can let more material utilization.

The advanced CAM/CAD system let components to be programmed accurately and quickly, ensuring that no delays take place during production. CAD drawings can be accepted through email in DXF, DWG and Autocad formats.

If you need more parts or few prototypes, they can meet your needs quickly via new technology that are suitable for your project. We can offer speedy delivery and quick quotations.

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