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ICU Set up at Home

What You Should Consider for ICU Setup at Home


If your loved one is struggling with critical pneumonia, a home-setup ICU is perfect. It is not easy to manage a busy family and business schedule. Home ICU setup not only helps you save time and money but also aids the patient gets recovering faster. When you set up ICU at home, you don’t want to wait for a bed in the healthcare centre. If you need home care service, you can hire 24Seven Home Healthcare. They provide a customized package for every client based on their requirement.

Elements of home ICU setups

The followings are some critical elements of home ICU setup that everyone must know:

  • Homecare nurses play an important role in the homecare service. They take care of the patient’s daily needs and check their bowel movements, ventilators, and temperature. In addition, they will monitor the regular oxygen, feed foods and handle bedsores. The nurse knows how to operate medical equipment properly.
  • The ICU’s medical machinery and tools must have a constant power supply. So, power backup is important that helps to put off the recovery procedure from facing difficulties.
  • Cutting-edge medical machinery is important for ICU setup at home. Essential machines are a suction machine, oxygen cylinder, para monitor, nebulizer, IV stand, ventilator, Deep-vein thrombosis pump and alpha mattress.
  • Extended bed rest can lead to creating ulcers on various parts of the skin. It can cause infections in patients and reduces the recovery procedure. An alpha bed is an ideal option to avoid bed soreness. The nurse should clean the patient and change clothes two times per day.

Things to bear in mind while setting up ICU at home  

Home ICU setup can be challenging, so you need to hire a reliable healthcare institute. They offer an affordable solution for every patient as per their needs. It would be best if you considered some aspects when setting up ICU at home, such as the reputation of the healthcare institute, service cost and experience of a professional team. It will help you to set up a home ICU within your budget.

Patient care at home offers constant monitoring and treatment to patients. Home healthcare service contains skilled nurses, therapists and specialists. So, it is guaranteed that your loved one will get the right treatment that helps them to recover faster. In addition, the nurse follows doctors’ prescriptions and certain rules while offering the healthcare service. The homecare service eliminates the frequent trips to the hospital for regular checkups. Instead, the doctor visits your home to monitor the patient’s health.

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