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Logistics Singapore

Why Logistics is So Important to Supply Chains


Gear logistics is the most trustworthy and the most convenient courier services in Singapore. We have been operational throughout the country for many years, and we are the solution to all your transportation needs. We provide you lighting fast courier services throughout the city. The safety of your products are our guarantee, we assure you that all your goods will be delivered to you in perfect conditions.

We make shifting an easy task, our logistic company makes your shifting hassle-free. Now you do not need to worry about what will happen to the furniture and other goods at your old house before moving to your new house. Our logistic company in Singapore will take care of all these needs. How many times does it happen that your goods get damaged in the transit, all your valuable furniture and accessories get broken during the transit just because of not carefully handling the goods, and not proper planning.

You do not have to worry about delivering your parcel anymore, our courier company deliver all your product safety and timely to the desired location. You can use our courier company for delivering of many different products including small valuable items like decorative pieces, sculptures, or big and heavier products like sofa, chair, dining table, bed and other furniture to different places.

We handle your products carefully, and unlike other courier companies who just throw your items roughly from one place to another we carefully pack them with foam stuffing, cardboard and expensive or valuable products are carefully wrapped with cotton cushions to protect them from the damage during the transit.

We are also a cheap and convenient solutions for delivering your products, our prices are affordable and fixed, they depend upon the size and fragility of your product, and also the distance up to which the products need to be delivered.


We have a widespread transportation network throughout the country, and our logistic company provides safe handling of your valuable cargo.

We are the backbone of various ecommerce services, we have been aiding in the delivery of thousands of shipments throughout the country daily, our logistic company is the supporter of all the tall claims of timely delivery by all these e-commerce companies.

We offer them such reasonable and trustworthy courier services that help in the overall growth of commerce network in the entire country.

We expertise in retaining our customers because of our efficient services and our trustworthy courier services. Our workers are specially trained and well-behaved, they expertise in carefully and safely handling all your fragile goods, we have the best knowledge of the area, and our timely and budget-friendly services that are so convenient to access attract our customers back to us.

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